About Us

AlphaG is a technological  platform based on multi-industry service experience, providing technology development support and seminar, salon, as well as event planning services.

The company aims to provide partners with excellent event planning services, system development, and professional seminar services in order to assist elites from different backgrounds to become successful entrepreneurs and enhance their professional skills in better serving customers. The company’s mission is to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Alpha G could service industries including financial industry, asset allocation industry, real estate industry, loan industry, taxation industry, trust, education, corporate finance, and IVF industry. With the help of advanced technology and systems, along with systematic professional trainings, the company aims to assist talents in the establishment of their own business empires.  


Assist in cultivating a new generation of entrepreneurs 


Bring the idea of technological platform development and high-end event planning services to each and every person, helping them to understand and enjoy the convenience as well as the greatness technology could bring

Global Offices

📍 San Marino
📍 New York
📍 Texas
📍 Temecula
📍 Atlanta
📍 Boston
📍 Irvine
📍 Las Vegas
📍 San Francisco
📍 Philadelphia 
📍 Seattle 
📍 Shanghai
📍 Diamond Bar
📍 San Jose
📍 Virginia
📍 Portland
📍 Florida
📍 Richmond (Canada)

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