The Annual Grand Ceremony of Alpha G Corp. was Held in Los Angeles!

On July 15th and 16th, Alpha G Corp held a two-day annual ceremony titled “Poems for You” at the luxury four-star hotel Sheraton in Los Angeles. This large-scale grand event brought together top professionals in the fields of politics, finance and insurance, real estate, investment, health, education, and others to discuss professional expertise, industry trends, and share valuable successful experiences. The number of participants reached a scale of nearly 1,000 people.

At this annual meeting, Alpha G Corp was honored to invite more than a dozen senior elected leaders who have long been selflessly dedicated to the community in the political fields to participate in the grand ceremony, and they issued a congratulatory certificate to Tiffany, founder of the company. US Congressman Judy Chu, California Treasurer Fiona Ma, California State Senator Bob Archuleta, California Representative Mike Fong, Arcadia Mayor Paul Cheng, Walnut Mayor Allen Wu, Diamond Bar Mayor Andrew Chou, West Covina Mayor Tony Wu, Cypress Mayor/Senate Assistant Kyle S. Miller, San Gabriel City Deputy Mayor John Wu, San Gabriel City Councilman Tony Ding, Arcadia City Councilor Eileen Wang all attended the events. Among them, U.S. Congressman Judy Chu and California Treasurer Fiona Ma also sent congratulatory letters to thank Alpha G Corp for its outstanding contributions to the American community.

US Congressman Judy Chu Providing Speech
California Treasurer Fiona Ma Present Congratulatory Certificate

In addition to elected officials, executives from many of the world’s top 500 financial and insurance companies also presented, including senior representatives from the world’s top insurance financial groups such as National Life Group, F & G Annuities & Life, Pacific Life, Symetra Life Insurance, Corebridge Financial, and Lincoln Financial Group.

Representatives from F&G Life and Annuity
Representatives from Pacific Life
Representatives from National Life Group
Representatives from Corebridge Financial
Representatives from Symetra

The annual grand ceremony of Alpha G Corp is sponsored and helped by many partners. Among them, CalerieHealth, as the Title Sponsor, provides tremendous support to the event. EVA Air, The Churchill Center, HERA Aesthetic Medicine, SunPower Solar and many other partners also provide their best support.

Alpha G Corp also invited senior experts and scholars from top professional associations such as taxation and business professionals to join in the grand event, including Mary Lin, the president of the Orange County Chinese American Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Chairperson of Board of Directors of the Chinese American CPA Association; Ann Hu, the chairman of Orange County Chinese American Chamber of Commerce;  Emily Sang, Secretary of the Chinese American CPA Association; Derek Tung, lawyer and the current president of the Chinese American CPA Association; Jacob Wu, Board of Director and former president of the Orange County Chinese American Chamber of Commerce; Howard Li, the founding chairman and former president of the Chinese American CPA Association, and other pioneer leaders.

Alpha G Corp is also honored to invite top and senior professionals such as the current chairman and former president of the Sino-American Certified Public Accountants Association, accountant Edward Li; former chairman, accountant Kevin Yeh; former chairman, accountant Christopher Koo; former chairman, accountant Heidi Kwok; and former chairman, accountant Calvin Leong, to participate in the event.

Lawyer Derek Tung Providing Speech
CPA Edward Li Providing Speech

Alpha G Corp would love to express its heartfelt thanks to all the guests and partners who attended the event. The grand attendance of so many senior elected leaders, the world’s top 500 financial groups, and top professionals in various industries represents the genuine support and great attention from society. It reflects the high level of affirmation and encouragement to the Alpha G Corp, and it will inspire all the colleagues to utilize their professionalism to provide better products and services to the community.

Other than professional keynote speeches at the annual meeting, Alpha G Corp also prepared rich cultural and entertainment activities for this event. The company invited the legendary NBA star Byron Scott, who exclusively shared his successful experience with the audience with a passionate speech. In addition, Kenji Wu, a superstar singer in China, also presented at the scene. He performed classic hit songs such as “Poems for You” and “The General Order” for all guests at the party. The company also invited lots of wonderful Hollywood performers, brought endless surprises and joy to the audience. The melodious and cheerful music resounded throughout the venue, the lucky draws activities brought opportunities to win exquisite prizes, and the top-notch dinner satisfied the taste buds of all guests. Alpha G Corp organized the grand annual ceremony to thank thousands of agents around the world for their continuous support.

NBA Legend Byron Scott Providing Speech
Kenji Wu Singing on the Stage
Amazing Performances

At the same time, this annual meeting of Alpha G Corp also recognized professionals that have made outstanding achievements and contributions in 2022 and presented awards and commendations to nearly 200 outstanding elites, thanking them for their amazing contributions to customers and teams in the past year. This is the recognition and encouragement of the unremitting efforts of the winners and will further stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm and promote the development of the entire industry.

Alpha G Corp is a high-quality platform for entrepreneurial partners. “We care, we share” is the main concept of the company. This annual meeting is also a business opportunity sharing meeting for all entrepreneurial partners, helping everyone to communicate and learn from each other, to make achievements and further develop in the industry.


Partners who are interested in technology industry in the United States are welcome to join the company, to feel the pulse of the industry, deepen cooperation, expand network resources, and inspire infinite possibilities. If you want to achieve greater achievements, you are welcome to join Alpha G Corp and achieve another career of your own.


“Success does not lie in what you have, but in who you are”!

In this summer, this July, and in this grand event, Alpha G Corp brought new thinking and breakthroughs to everyone, and hopefully everyone would create a better future with the company together.

AlphaG is a technological  platform based on multi-industry service experience, providing technology development support and seminar, salon, as well as event planning services.

The company aims to provide partners with excellent event planning services, system development, and professional seminar services in order to assist elites from different backgrounds to become successful entrepreneurs and enhance their professional skills in better serving customers. The company’s mission is to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Alpha G could service industries including financial industry, asset allocation industry, real estate industry, loan industry, taxation industry, trust, education, corporate finance, and IVF industry. With the help of advanced technology and systems, along with systematic professional trainings, the company aims to assist talents in the establishment of their own business empires.  

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