Grand Opening Carnival is Coming! Join us at the Las Vegas Office for a day of fun, learning, and earning!

On December 9, 2023, at 10 a.m., Alpha G’s Las Vegas office will host a grand “Opening Carnival” ceremony, offering everyone a spectacular event featuring delicious food, fun activities, and abundant gifts!

During the event, you’ll have the opportunity to interact closely with political and social celebrities in Las Vegas. Various experts from different fields will provide free consultation services and offer professional advice in one-on-one sessions. Moreover, the film “SIGHT” will be screening for free, and the real-life inspiration behind the protagonist, Doctor Wang, will personally share his experiences and stories with everyone. In addition, we have prepared a top-notch, luxurious culinary feast for you to savor!

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Gathering of Celebrities

A prime opportunity to connect with elites from various fields and broaden your horizons.

Local political and business elites in Las Vegas will gather at the event, providing you with the opportunity to meet potential partners, get to know industry leaders, and engage in discussions on their wealth accumulation and business experiences. 


Professional Free Consultations

Bring together leading figures from various industries in Las Vegas

We have invited the most professional and renowned experts in the fields of law, real estate, insurance, and financial planning in Las Vegas to join us. They will be on hand to provide free consultation services, offering you a valuable opportunity to gain insights into the latest and most relevant issues. Topics you can inquire about include, but are not limited to, important planning during the recent health insurance open enrollment period, the latest FAFSA college scholarship advice, U.S. trusts, long-term care planning, year-end tax-saving tips, U.S. property rights, early planning for retirement income, U.S. study abroad advice, and handling procedures for foreign nationals purchasing insurance. Whatever your area of interest, this event will provide you with a one-on-one, professionally tailored platform for free consultations!



Hollywood Movie Screening

We will be screening the Hollywood film “Sight” in the afternoon, and the protagonist, Dr. Wang will be present at the scene. This Chinese inspirational story, “Sight,” is based on the true story of Dr Ming Wang, a poor Chinese immigrant, who defies all odds to become a world-renowned eye surgeon in the United States. Dr. Wang invented and obtained a U.S. patent on an amniotic invisible spectacle technology to help the blind regain their sight, restoring the sight of millions of blind people all over the world, and thus stood out in the world and the U.S. ophthalmology industry. 

The movie will immerse the audience in his life story, and you will have the opportunity to personally hear his narrative and engage in a face-to-face conversation with Dr. Wang!


Top-Notch Feast

Great fun, great food, and gifts

The custom crafted upscale and luxurious dishes are not only delicious but also infused with creativity and artistic flair. Each dish is carefully designed and decorated to showcase the beauty of culinary art.

In addition to the exquisite cuisine, we have prepared captivating cultural performances. Experience the festive and auspicious atmosphere brought by the traditional dance performances, and appreciate the essence of Chinese traditional culture!

Furthermore, as gratitude for your presence, we have prepared exquisite gifts symbolizing good fortune, luck, and great wishes!

We hope that through this Grand Opening Carnival event, we can provide a platform for elite professionals from various industries to connect and collaborate, offering the most professional and comprehensive services and support for you to achieve your financial goals!

Built on the foundation of Alpha G’s professional services, we encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, assist in incubating the development of the new generation of financial entrepreneurs, and help clients realize their financial objectives. We believe in continuous innovation and improvement, creating a platform that serves as a home for dreams and creativity!

Here, we sincerely invite you to join the Grand Opening Carnival of the Alpha G’s Las Vegas office, witnessing the company’s new milestone in Las Vegas. Whether you are looking to make new connections, receive professional advice, enjoy inspirational films, or savor exquisite cuisine, we aim to provide you with an event filled with joy and warmth. Let’s spend an unforgettable winter day together and meet at Las Vegas for future collaboration and development!

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AlphaG is a technological  platform based on multi-industry service experience, providing technology development support and seminar, salon, as well as event planning services.

The company aims to provide partners with excellent event planning services, system development, and professional seminar services in order to assist elites from different backgrounds to become successful entrepreneurs and enhance their professional skills in better serving customers. The company’s mission is to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Alpha G could service industries including financial industry, asset allocation industry, real estate industry, loan industry, taxation industry, trust, education, corporate finance, and IVF industry. With the help of advanced technology and systems, along with systematic professional trainings, the company aims to assist talents in the establishment of their own business empires.  

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