2023 Las Vegas Alpha G Seminar Successfully Held!

The economic situation after the pandemic is turbulent and complicated. In order to help the community to cope with economic challenges, Alpha G held 2023 Grand Seminar in Las Vegas on March 18, 2023. The seminar featured with professional and informative lectures on finance and economics for free. This is another grand event in Las Vegas after the company’s annual convention in July 2022. The event was a huge success, and hundreds of people from the local community came to acquire professional knowledge and share experiences with the participating partners.

It is reported that the Las Vegas office of Alpha G is in full swing for renovation. It will officially open in June 2023. The office will be located near the intersection of Highway No. 15 and No. 215. It is a new landmark building and is close to various other newly establishments in Las Vegas. The office will also be close to residential communities and large shopping malls. The establishment of the Las Vegas Office can better serve all the community members of Las Vegas in terms of event planning, technology and training needs. 

Alpha G Las Vegas Office Building
Hundreds of Participants Attended
Guests Actively Interact with Lecturers
Guests Actively Interact with Lecturers

The company invites top elite partners from various industries, including well-known lawyers, accountants, financial planners, property rights senior managers and other top talents, to share their valuable experience and knowledge with everyone including areas such as legal, taxation, insurance, annuity, tax saving, trust, education, and asset allocation, etc., hoping to help participants enhance their professional strength in the turbulent market, open up a stable road to wealth freedom, and contribute to the advancement of their careers paths.

Brown Qiu made a special trip from Shanghai to introduce the latest economic relations between China and the United States, as well as overseas insurance policies, overseas education, and other businesses.

Kai Song, a well-known lawyer in Nevada, shared with the audience with the legal issues of trust planning and investment in the United States, which received enthusiastic responses from the audience. The audience actively asked questions and interacted with Mr. Song. Attorney Song patiently answered their questions in order to help everyone in conquering their practical legal problems.

Nevada Well-know Lawyer Kai Song Giving Lecture
Brown Qiu Giving Speech

Li Chen, a well-known Chinese accountant in Las Vegas and the founder of Chen’s Accounting Group, explained various tax related issues that need to be paid close attention to during the tax filing season. Accountant Chen emphasized that even though Nevada has no state tax, it does not mean it is suitable for all types of companies and Individuals. Each company and person must analyze their specific issues and situations in details before making decisions.

Li Chen, CPA, Founder of Chen Accounting Group, Giving Speech

Judy Zhu, a well-known financial planner in Nevada, is the top planner of the Million Dollar Round Table TOT. She has served plenty of customers for more than 20 years and has great practical experience. Her speeches regarding methods that should be used to protect the family and company wealth during this unprecedented period won warm praise from everyone. 

MDRT TOT Judy Zhu Giving Speech

Ling Ding, a Chinese senior manager of a well-known property rights company in Nevada, shared with the audience the risks that should be avoided when investing in real estate and the importance of transferring property rights according to legal procedures.

Senior Manager of Property Rights Company Ling Ding Giving Speech

Ming, an insurance and wealth management expert, focused on analyzing the importance of annuity products for family wealth management, and emphasized the importance of diversified investment. 

Ming Hart, Insurance Financial Expert, Giving Speech

Elite leaders Karen and Jenny also delivered speeches on the spot, calling on everyone to learn more about insurance and financial management, and make wealth planning for themselves and their families, realize the continuous accumulation of wealth, maintain and increase wealth value, and achieve great inheritance of wealth.

Elite Leader Karen Giving Speech
Elite Leader Jenny Giving Speech

Many experts spent their weekend time and worked together to give a wonderful professional lecture to the audience. The seminar provided a lot of high-value information from different angles, and all the lectures were given in Chinese. The participants responded enthusiastically and said that they benefited a lot from this event. It was a feast of professional knowledge for the guest attended. Everyone also expressed their sincere appreciation to the lecture experts, and hoped the company could hold more such professional lectures in the future.

In addition, Alpha G also provides exquisite food and beverages for everyone, and set up an exquisite communication environment and sharing space for experts and the guest for any questions and answers on the topics discussed.

The success of the seminar is greatly due to the support from all participants and the all professional lecturers. In the future, the company will invite more industry experts to hold a series of professional events on a regular basis to help all community members. Alpha G also hopes that through this event, the company can send a sense of stability to everyone in a time of economic turbulence, serve customers with the most professional knowledge, and use the best training support to help all partners succeed in their brilliant career !

After the official establishment of Alpha G Las Vegas Office, all customers and partners who have needs are welcome to visit the office, participate in various professional lectures and trainings events, and continuously improve themselves on the Alpha G  platform.

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AlphaG is a technological  platform based on multi-industry service experience, providing technology development support and seminar, salon, as well as event planning services.

The company aims to provide partners with excellent event planning services, system development, and professional seminar services in order to assist elites from different backgrounds to become successful entrepreneurs and enhance their professional skills in better serving customers. The company’s mission is to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Alpha G could service industries including financial industry, asset allocation industry, real estate industry, loan industry, taxation industry, trust, education, corporate finance, and IVF industry. With the help of advanced technology and systems, along with systematic professional trainings, the company aims to assist talents in the establishment of their own business empires.  

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